Modern Device for a Modern Workplace

November 26, 2020

The term “Modern Workplace” is all the rage in the IT community right now. Microsoft is expending a lot of energy promoting this, resourcing its partners and educating their customers. What I want to touch on though is the device you use everyday as part of the modern workplace.

The device you use is very personal and ensuring your device does what you want it to do is important. A modern device at a minimum must be running Windows 10 - that’s obvious, but to truly get a great experience from your device, having something that truly enhances your user experience is a must. Devices that have advanced camera’s, allowing you to sign in with your face - much like your phone does, makes the whole experience of starting your day that much easier.

Advanced touch screens that allow you to take notes with a pen and have Windows convert your handwriting into typed notes, not only saves time, but also tidies up your desk. The ability to annotate documents using a pen, means you jump the print queue, you no longer have to print, write scan, you just write and save. These are just a couple of the productivity gains that can be made by switching to a modern device.

Thinking about your workplace and the devices in it, is it sensible to continue purchasing desktop machines? Could you be better served by migrating to laptops/tablets etc? Its not just the ability to work remotely, its the ability to pick up your device and go and work somewhere else in the office, perhaps you need to sit with a colleague in a break out room, maybe you would just like a change of scenery or to work somewhere in peace and quiet.

I am huge evangelist of the phrase “work is something you do, not somewhere you go” but for that to be achievable you need to have all the right tools to do so. A modern device gives you the most flexibility you have ever had. Your entire office can be contained in one place and you can work wherever you need to.

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