Geo-Locking & Conditional Access

April 27, 2023

Geo-locking is a powerful security service that can be enabled within your Microsoft tenancy. It allows us to define which geographical regions of the world can or cannot gain logon access as a user into your cloud environment, including access to your email or SharePoint site where your company's data is stored. For example, if your business is based in New Zealand with NZ-based staff, we can easily configure Geo-Locking to only allow logon access from within New Zealand. This immediately locks out 99% of the world, significantly reducing your attack surface and thwarting bad actors operating outside of NZ. However, we can also make exceptions for travel purposes, but we recommend adding these exceptions only when necessary to maintain a high level of security. We can streamline this process by incorporating it into your existing "Travel Request" or "Staff Leave Request" processes using Microsoft Forms, enabling automated processes to request the changes from our service desk. Let's discuss how we can assist you with this!

Conditional Access is another critical component that provides additional ways to secure user access. For example, we can configure policies to only allow access to email from trusted company devices. When combined with Geo-Locking as mentioned above, this ensures that logon access is restricted not only for most of the world but also for most of NZ, unless using trusted company devices. Conditional Access allows us to create multiple conditional policies for different scenarios, ensuring a secure environment while enabling user productivity.

It's important to note that neither of these services are enabled by default, and they are not simple tick box options to enable. We consult with you to understand how these services will impact your system and tailor them to your specific needs. We understand the inconvenience of a General Manager being unable to access email while on holiday in the islands, and we have smart ways to manage these situations using the technology you already have access to, to avoid such occurrences in the first place.

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