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Digitech Embroidery and Print Services Ltd, a small business in New Zealand specializing in custom embroidery, faced IT challenges in early 2023. They partnered with IT Confidence to address security, server reliability, and data management issues related to their specialized embroidery machines.


  • Security Concerns: Inadequate firewall left them vulnerable to cyber threats.
  • Server Reliability: Outdated server caused downtime and data loss concerns.
  • Data Management: Specialized machines required a dependable on-premise server.
  • Lack of efficient IT Support: Previous provider led to operational interruptions

Proposed Solutions

  • Enhanced Security: IT Confidence implemented a state-of-the-art firewall, safeguarding clients' data and designs.
  • Reliable On-Premise Server Replacement: A new on-prem server was installed . This new server offered increased performance, scalability, and redundancy to ensure a stable and resilient IT environment.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: A robust system was set up to securely back up critical data, minimizing data loss risks.
  • User Support and Maintenance: IT Confidence provided comprehensive user support and proactive maintenance services ongoing.


  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Server Reliability
  • Stable Data Management
  • Data backup & disaster recovery system
  • Reduced dependency on IT support

By partnering with IT Confidence, Digitech successfully transformed their business operations, focusing on high-quality services without IT burdens. Tailor-made solutions and ongoing support ensured a successful long-term partnership.

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